‘Shut The F*ck Up’ – Keith Olbermann Says What We’re All Thinking

Trump went on another famous Twitter rampage on Sunday morning. Looks like this whole recount thing has gotten under his notoriously thin skin.

I swear – this asshole makes it way too easy.

Keith Olbermann decided to answer Trump with his own tweetstorm and said what we’re all thinking.

Another distraction from Trump to keep us from talking about the Nazis in his cabinet or his inclusion of his daughter in high-level meetings with heads of state or his conflicts of interest around the world?

Yea, probably.

Of course, we at MeanLeftHook, unlike Trump and his minions, are able to think about several different topics simultaneously. So we can appreciate and applaud the “shut the fuck up” comment while also continuously pointing out all the other things completely wrong with a Trump presidency.


Featured Image – sceengrab from YouTube video

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