Sarah Palin Knows Less About The Electoral College Than A Fifth Grader

Former Secretary Hillary Clinton actually beat our now-President-elect Donald Trump in the popular vote, but he won the Electoral College. There is a tiny chance that Clinton could win if enough electors change their vote.

A few electors have signed an agreement to change their votes to Clinton. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who wants to be the Secretary of the Department of Energy, posted about the electors on Facebook. She put a link to a conservative news site, Young Conservatives.

No, Sarah. Some states have rules that allow the electors to change their vote to match the popular vote. This is called being a “faithless elector.”

If enough of them do this, then Hillary Clinton could be the winner.

As the Daily Mail reported:

“While it would be unlikely to convince 37 Republican electors to change their votes – the number needed to erase Trump’s lead among the 538 total electors – an unusually large number of ‘faithless electors’ who refuse to vote for Trump could undermine the institution itself.”

Sorry, Sarah. We are not ruining democracy; we are saving it from Trump and from the GOP.

Featured image via Twitter.

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