RWNJ Televangelist Thinks God Will Punish Hillary Clinton Voters… Shocker!

Extremist, televangelist, RWNJs just love to say God is going to punish us. Everyone they disagree with will be punished somehow.

This particular pastor is going after Hillary Clinton voters. Pastor Jim Bakker is saying that earthquakes will hit in the counties that voted for Hillary Clinton.

He says:

“I just want to tell you, God has spoken to me, I’ve seen under the ground in California, in LA, and God spoke to me that in Los Angeles alone there is going to be such an earthquake come that literally the big buildings will be laying on their sides, all of LA is going to collapse.”

What is it with these nutty pastors? A natural disaster doesn’t happen because gay people can get married or abortion is legal. It’s weather, people! Don’t let this guy take advantage of you.

These televangelists con money off of vulnerable people. These scare tactics they use are ridiculous! Even worse, they are not paying taxes on this money that they take.

Featured image via Twitter.

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