WTF Was This Racist A**hole Thinking?! Cross Burnings And Lynchings Are Not Art! (VIDEO)

An art exhibit at Salem State University has been temporarily closed over a painting of Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members.

The exhibit, titled “State of the Union,” was meant to get students to express their feelings and beliefs after the presidential election.

The painting didn’t have any kind of explanation with it. We don’t know what the artist meant with this. Are they supportive of the KKK or not?

Minority students were asking for it to be taken down. Many people were uncomfortable with it.

One student, Edwin Calderon, had a different take on it:

“I don’t think you should rip it down, you should confront the issue. I don’t think something that gives us an opportunity as a university to discuss truths regardless of whether they’re good or bad should be dismissed.”

Our President-elect, Donald Trump, doesn’t have a good track record with minority voters. The KKK is a hate group, and they don’t need any more attention than they are already getting.

It’s 2016, people. The racism needs to stop!

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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