Pissed Protesters Refusing To Shop Target Makes Progressive Heaven

Back in the spring of this year, we had to deal with a large wave of conservative stupidity regarding public bathrooms. Yup, RWNJs started a battle over who pees where. They were targeting transgender people specifically, forcing them to use the bathroom that corresponds to their birth gender, not the gender they identify with now.

Target said they will allow transgender people to use the bathrooms and dressing rooms they want, and Republicans lost their shit.

Now that the holidays are upon us, Conservatives are calling for Target boycotts again. The hashtag #AnywhereButTarget is trending.

Good news for liberals! We can shop at Target without having to deal with right-wing assholes.

The Republicans may be surprised to see the responses they are getting. The hashtag #ThankYouTarget is also trending.

As one Twitter user pointed out, we can all shop there “bigot-free.”

This is awesome! Everybody, go get all of your Christmas gifts from Target. If you have a conservative in your family, send them a Target gift card.

Featured image via Twitter.

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