Oxford Students Laugh In Lewandowski’s Face As He S**ts All Over Himself

Note to Corey Lewandowski (and basically anyone who is stupid enough to be associated with Trump): Don’t try to debate with the Oxford University debating society. Because they will mop the f*cking floor with you.

Lewandowski’s appearance was met with protestors outside who were chanting things like:

“‘fascists are not welcome here,’ ‘fuck Donald Trump,’ ‘fuck the Union,’ and ‘no Trump, no KKK, no racist, fascist USA.'”

Oxford Students Union – you guys f*cking rock.

Inside, one of the students asked Lewandowski:

“How do you have so little self-respect that you can stand here and defend a candidate who’s not only a bigot, but a liar who doesn’t have the courtesy to follow through?”

His response?

“Well, the good news is I’m seated doing that, so I don’t have to stand, so I appreciate that. But here’s what it comes down to: Mexico will pay for the wall, and it’s very simple.”

So this f*cknut didn’t even disagree that Trump is a bigot and a liar (because, really, he can’t). He just said he’s seated, not standing. Nice.

The students laughed in his face over the Mexico comment, too.

Because no, Corey. Mexico is not going to pay for the wall. There won’t be a wall.

And you’re too f*cking stupid to take on Oxford.


Featured Image via YouTube screenshot

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