Only Trump Could Make Dog Sh*t Look Worse

Less than three weeks ago, American elected a racist Cheeto for president. President-elect Donald Trump and his hateful rhetoric have pissed many people off. One artist is expressing his hatred in the best way possible.

Artist Allan Adler from Miami, Florida, has created his own Trump-themed art installation. He is trying to get people to refer to sh*tting as “taking a Trump.”

He has been putting pictures of Trump and Trump quotes on piles of dog poop. Adler had this to say about it:

“He’s a piece of shit. When Trump won, I was depressed, but my friends said, ‘Don’t be. Now is the time to get your voice heard.’

“He’s said a lot of crappy things and I still can’t understand how someone who’s said things like this could get elected.”

He posts his creation to his Facebook page “Pieces of Trump.”

Here is a particularly good one:

Get creative with your dog’s poo before you throw it away. Adler encourages people to make their own creations and send them to the page. Don’t forget to tag Donald Trump’s twitter.

Let’s give him plenty of options for his presidential portrait.

Featured image via Twitter.

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