NEW DATING SITE – Proves There Are Way Too Many Crazy Pre-Menopausal Women In America

Do you have a single Trump supporter in your life? They probably just want to make their love life great again. Direct them to their own dating site,

Image via Trump Singles
Image via Trump Singles

The founder of the site, David Goss, said:

“Trump supporters definitely get a much worse rap than everybody else.”

I guess it can be hard to find a date when you’re stuck in the wrong decade. Goss also said:

“It’s just a way for us to put out there that you’re not alone as a Trump supporter. That there are other people out there like you, there are people that are single, that want to date and that want to have a happy relationship without politics getting in the way and destroying it.”

I guess it makes sense. Stupid attracts stupid. If they have the same or similar views, they may hit it off. Goss didn’t think that it would get as popular as it did.

A quick search of the site for fun revealed much food for thought. I initially searched as a female, looking for a male in an age range of 35-60. My results were paltry – I only got two potential “dates.” I returned to the Quick Search feature and reset my parameters to be a male searching for female companionship. I left my age range the same at 35-60. I received HUNDREDS of potential “dates,” thus proving that there are entirely too many insane pre-menopausal women in this country.

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