If you voted for Trump, this video meme from Occupy Democrats is an absolute “must watch.”

See I told you… Amazing huh? We truly do now live in “grab em by the pu$$y” AmeriKKKa. And she’s right, being polite was exhausting!

Frack that. it’s now time for us Democrats to play as dirty as the Right. They’ve been screwing us for decades, and because of our built-in empathy and compassion for others, we bent right over. I suppose we thought we were “negotiating” in good faith. Shame on us for not snagging their playbook earlier… The Republican ideology is 100% based on fraud, darkness, and deception.

It’s time for us to get into the game.

It was always our plan to include everyone in our future for a better America. Well, you know what? Not anymore. We are so done playing nice. We are not just going to take our country back, we’re going to make sure your Conservative lives’ are forever effed.

Think we’re joking? Watch us! (And remember, when your life becomes a living Hell? You made us do it.)

Featured image via Flickr

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