Mitt Romney Is Slobbing Trump’s Knob, And Just Got TOLD By Elizabeth Warren

Mitt Romney spent the entire 2016 election season vigorously campaigning for Donald Trump to be president. Oh wait. No he did NOT.

He spent the entire election telling EVERYONE who would listen just how horrible Trump is. During the campaign, he called him a phony, a fraud, and everything but his holy f*cking Mormon brother.

You can watch it here if you have like a zillion years to listen to a really boring asshole:

Now, of course, Romney is all about slobbing on Trump’s knob as he angles himself for a top cabinet position. And guess what? Looks like he may get one! A sweeeeet Secretary of State deal.

Well the fabulous Elizabeth Warren has a suggestion for Mitt The Twit:

Romney: you are a douche-bag extraordinaire. Sen. Warren, you are a badazz.

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