Men In The ‘Alt-Right’ Movement Resent Women… Duh!

A whole new level of extremist has been exposed thanks to the rise and election of President-elect Donald Trump. The “alt-right” is a whole new level of RWNJs.

In an article on Mother Jones, Josh Harkinson, said:

“The coexistence of racism and sexism in the so-called manosphere dates back to the dawn of the internet. One early men’s rights site, Fathers’ Manifesto, interspersed references to Warren Farrell’s book The Myth of
Male Power with calls to exile blacks from America.

“[Alt-right pioneer Richard] Spencer readily admits that women make up a small portion of the alt-right, but he has also said that most women secretly crave alt-right boyfriends because they want ‘alpha genes’ and ‘alpha sperm.’ He also believes women are unsuited to some roles in government: ‘Women should never be allowed to make foreign policy,’ he tweeted during the first presidential debate. ‘It’s not that they’re ‘weak.’ To the contrary, their vindictiveness knows no bounds.'”

Many of the men in the alt-right have been rejected or hurt by women, so they are trying to take women’s rights. Resentment of women is everywhere in their movement. They just want to take us back to the 1950s really.

Featured image via Twitter.

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