Melania Trump Will Be The First FLOTUS Whose Pics Can Get You Fired Or Expelled

On the internet, there are countless stories of students and employees getting in trouble at their school or workplace over racy or nude images.

Consider when you were school, what would have happened had you taken a Playboy into your classroom and started reading it in front of your teacher?

There are no statistics on how many kids were either suspended or expelled for looking at nude or racy photos in school, but one would be a fool to believe it never happened in puritanical America.

There are also no statistics on the number of people fired for looking at naked or risque images at work. However, common sense dictates that there is more than one precedent.

Here are a few examples:

A few years ago, former African American lingerie model named Tiffany Webb decided to change careers and become a guidance counselor in Manhattan.

From the beginning, she was upfront about her modeling past. And over the course of her career as a counselor, she was dragged before the Department of Education several times to explain images of her that still popped up from time to time.

However, in 2012 a student brought one of those images to the school principal where Webb worked, and the official made such a fuss about it that the board terminated Webb’s employment.

Webb was just a few days away from achieving tenure in her school district.

None of her pics were nude.

Back in 2002 Baylor University suspended an entire society for their participation in a Playboy Magazine project.

From American Libraries:

“Two students at East Garner (N.C.) Middle School were given a two-day suspension March 3 for downloading nude photos from computers in the school library. Officials are unsure how the 6th-grade boys managed to find the images despite the Surf Watch software program the library uses to filter out such sites.

The Wake County school system requires parents to sign an agreement that prohibits the display of offensive messages or pictures. “To actually copy it and disseminate it crosses the line,” Principal William Crockett told the Raleigh News & Observer. “They knew this was inappropriate, just like bringing Playboy to school.”

And from those examples, we go to the next first lady of the United States, whose husband was elected into office thanks to millions of evangelical Christian conservatives.

Screengrab via YouTube
Screengrab via YouTube


Melania will be the only first lady in U.S. history to have pornographic images of herself for the public to see.

This means that students and employees everywhere will probably need to use a search filter when looking up her images.

And conservatives brag that she’s going to bring “class” back to the White House.

Featured image via YouTube.

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