He Should Have Threatened Obama – He Wouldn’t Be Facing Arrest

This idiot in Ohio has been arrested for tweeting about a desire to assassinate Donald Trump.

Zachary Benson tweeted this on election night after Trump was declared the president-elect.

“My life goal is to assassinate Trump. Don’t care if I serve infinite sentences. That man deserves to decease existing.”

“Diplomacy. (Expletive) Fools. I hate you all. I want to bomb every one of your voting booths and your general areas.”

Funny thing, President Barack Obama faced many death threats when he was first elected. Somehow, no one made a huge fuss over those.

I don’t like Trump either, but threatening to kill him is illegal.

People have been using racist terms against the Obamas during the last eight years. No one got arrested for that.

During the election, Trump called for his Second Amendment people to “take care of” his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

I’m sure the Republicans will get all butthurt about Trump getting threatened. These are probably the same people who have been threatening the Obamas. That’s not at all hypocritical…..

Featured image via Twitter.

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