Looks Like Rudy The Hypocrite Has His Own Paid Speech Problem

If you’ve seen Rudy Giuliani on television recently, then you know he’s lost what’s left of his tiny brain.

Remember how Rudy loved calling Hillary Clinton crooked because she took millions to give speeches to Wall Street bankers? Well it turns out Giuliani earned $16 million in 2006 for speeches and consulting work. Guess that means Rudy is now Crooked Rudy.

There’s been some talk that Rudy may be Trump’s pick for Secretary of State, but that’s total bullshit. Giuliani could never make it through the confirmation hearings. Also, he’s borderline insane, which is kind of a drawback for the nation’s top diplomat.

So, Rudy, it was fun watching you prove your own ignorance and lack of self-respect over the past year and half, but please retreat back to whatever level of hell you came from, because your act is worn out.

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