Irony Alert: Fox News Is Pis*ed Some Americans Question Trump’s Legitimacy

Fox News just cannot freaking believe that thousands of Americans are in the streets protesting against President-elect Donnie Von Tumpenstein. How dare they! Who do these hooligans think they are?

Uh, maybe they’re just taking a page from your playboy, Foxers.

But the brainless Fox News dillhole hosts are constantly calling the #NotMyPresident protesters “crybabies” and saying they should get a job. That’s so typical of some conservatives: You disagree with them and they say you must be a bum who needs to look for work. The ones who say it on Twitter are clearly just projecting and in deep denial that they’re living with mom at the age of 47.

For eight years, Fox and they co-conspirators in the GOP, most notably our con man in chief, Donnie Ripoff, have said President Obama is not really an American and therefore not a legitimate president.

So now we take the right-wing guide and turn it around on the blathering hypocrites: Hey guys, why don’t you guys get a job with a real news organization? Oh yeah, I forgot: No one else would hire your sorry asses.

Karma. It’s what’s for dinner.

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