House Leader Says We All Need To Chill On Don The Con’s Conflicts Of Interest

We all know that Donald Trump has business interests across the world, from New York to London, Sydney to Istanbul. So it’s only natural for concerned people to ask how someone this deeply involved in foreign countries can be president if he doesn’t put his assets in a blind trust.

Not to worry, says House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Just relax and it’ll all be fine.

When asked of Congress would investigate potential Trump conflicts of interest, McCarthy remarked:

“Why don’t you give him a opportunity, when he’s just now appointed a legal counsel, to go through, put it in order and display that to the American people of what the structure is before we’re saying Trump needs to be investigated?”

Now consider for a moment that Hillary Clinton was President-elect instead of Trump. Do you suppose McCarthy would be so willing to just wait and see? Hell no! He and his cronies on the Hill would be ready to begin impeachment hearings the day after she took the oath of office.

Hey, Kevin, nice double standard you got there. Keep in mind you can be replaced by the voters, too, you putz!

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