Holy Sh*t! Even Ex-Skinheads Are Scared Of How Badly Trump’s Gonna Fu*k Up

How screwed are we as a country with Donald Trump as our next President? Well, even a former skinhead/neo-Nazi is saying Herr Trumpenfuhrer is gonna destroy the United States.

Christian Picciolini, who became a skinhead at age 14 and later left the movement, told the Times of Israel:

“I think people are being absolutely complacent. People are hopeful, and I understand that, but I for one am not giving him the benefit of the doubt.

“There is no track record of him or anyone surrounding him of understanding what makes this country great, and so we must be extremely vigilant. I know how they think. I was one of them.”

Piccolini also said Trump’s use of language is very telling:

“I was told diversity is a code for white genocide. I was told Latinos were bringing drugs into neighborhoods. I was told Jewish people controlled the media and our banking systems.”

Sound familiar? It should, because it’s the same bullshit that’s been flowing out of Don the Con’s mouth since he first announced his candidacy.

I hate to the bearer of bad tidings, but we’re all toast, and Trump is gonna laugh as we go down the crapper.

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