Get Your Tinfoil Hats Ready! Trump Gave Us A New Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO)

President-elect Donald Trump has talked about many odd things during his speeches. He talked a lot the election being “rigged” against him. Now, he is still whining about the election even though he win.

As Mother Jones reported:

“This is terrifying on a number of levels. Not only does it further demonstrate that the soon-to-be leader of the free world has a skin as thin as tissue paper, but it highlights the fact that Trump will as president continue to trade in insane conspiracy theories just as he did as a candidate and as a reality show star before that. There is exactly no evidence that ‘millions of people voted illegally’ in the election. None. Zilch. Zero. But Trump doesn’t care.”

How does he make this shit up? There is no evidence that any of this actually happened. These conspiracy theories are just making him look bad. It’s going to be very hard for other countries to take us seriously with the Mango Menace in the White House.

He won, yet he is still questioning the results. He just seems to try and make enemies and incite people.

Featured image via Twitter.

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