Fox News Trots Out One Of Their Token Black People – Alveda King – To Defend Sessions

Fox Not News tried to prove they’re so totally not racist by bringing Martin Luther King’s niece, Alveda King — who, by the way, is estranged from her family — on to talk about how Jeff Sessions is gonna be awesome.

This, despite the fact that Sessions was denied a federal judgeship almost 30 years ago because he bandied about the n-word like I bandy about the fuck word.

This, despite the fact that Sessions once said he thought the KKK was A-OK until he found out they smoked weed.

Oh, but Alveda King is OK with all that because Jesus or some shit. And Fox loves to trot her out so they not only have a black woman on screen, they can refer to her in their chyron as Martin Luther King’s niece. See! MLK’s niece who doesn’t talk to her family and is the complete opposite of her uncle is here and she will tell you that her uncle would have hated what the Black folks are doing today and that Jeff Sessions is a f*cking angel! We’re totally #notracist.

Remember that Glenn Beck LOVED Alveda King back in 2010 when he was Batshit Glenn Beck and not Woke Glenn Beck.

Sorry, Fox. Sean Hannity compared #BlackLivesMatter to the KKK (oh, and Alveda King wagged her finger at them, too). Bill O’Reilly said it’s “killing Americans.” (And, side note: why is everything “killing” something to that dingleberry?)

Yes, your network is racist, and no amount of token Black conservatives will change that.

Featured image via YouTube screengrab

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