Bring It On Drumpf! Dems In Congress Will Stand Up For ObamaCare!

New York Senator Chuck Schumer will be the Minority Leader in Congress next year. He told the Associated Press that Republicans will “rue the day” they repeal ObamaCare.

He had this to say about it on NBC “Meet The Press:”

“On issues where our values are at stake, where the president goes in a divisive direction, where his campaign did before, we’ll go against him with everything we’ve got.”

“We’re not going to repeal or help him repeal Obamacare. We are not going to roll back Dodd-Frank. I think they should forget about that. We have 60 votes to block them.”

“We’re not going to oppose him just because it’s something that Trump sponsors.”

These Republicans are not thinking of the 20 million people who could lose their healthcare if ObamaCare is taken away. Many of us don’t have other options. If they decide to bring back the pre-existing condition restrictions, many people will not be able to afford the treatment they desperately need.

Mr Trump? Mr Ryan? Do you guys even care about the lives that could be lost? No one should EVER have to choose between medicine and food! These assholes just want to stick it to Obama. We can’t let him do that.

Featured image via Twitter.

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