F*ck You, Santa!

An Orlando mall Santa has lost his job for the dumbest reason.

A 10-year-old girl went to see the mall Santa and tell him what she wants for Christmas. He told her that she was on his “nice” list. Then, he said that Hillary Clinton is on his “naughty” list. The mother immediately called management.

Here is YouTuber talking about the incident. Language Warning


The particular Santa was moved to another mall after receiving counselling. His employer, Noerr Programs, released this statement on Facebook:

“Santa is a universal symbol of peace, joy and goodwill for all. The Santa mentioned in recent reports in Florida is still employed by us, in a different location.”

“Our mission is to create magic, inspire smiles and capture memories, for the young and young at heart.”

Seriously, Santa?! Your job is talking to children. Keep your freakin’ politics out of it! This was totally out of line. Stop trying to be “Bad Santa” and just do your job.

Featured image via Twitter.

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