Douchenozzle Mike Huckabee Had To Apologize, And It Nearly Killed Him

Failed GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee just cannot stand being out of the limelight for very long. He seems to have a burning need to stick his snout where it doesn’t belong, and once again it’s gotten him into hot water.

Huck recently took to Facebook and posted an angry diatribe about two guys who got into trouble by tagging some property at Northwestern University. Seems Huck got his facts all wrong and thought two were part of the anti-Trump protests taking place across the country. He even called the hooligans “Jewish liberals” without knowing the first thing about them.

When a newspaper called the former Arkansas Governor out, Huck place tail between legs and tried to repent by again going on Facebook with this post:

“[The Daily News] accused me of spreading false information and hatred, and demanded an apology. And they’re right, I do owe readers an apology. Due to a posting error, the story was actually from last March, but it appeared to be a new story.  I didn’t remember the original story and assumed it was new. For that mistake, I sincerely apologize. But the facts of the story were otherwise accurate.”

Accurate, yes. Something Mike Huckabee never is and could never hope to be. Do us all a favor, Huck, and stay in that pit you crawled out of.

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