Crazy Racist B**ch Freaks Out Over A $1 Bag

Most stores sell cheap reusable bags near the checkout lines these days. They’re not only better for the environment, but they’re much sturdier than the flimsy plastic ones that are handed out for free (no, they’re not free everywhere, but they’re free in Chicago – the scene of our story).

Or, are those bags just a part of some vast left-wing conspiracy, meant to bilk white women out of their hard-earned cash while they shop for knickknacks and yarn?

This crazy bitch seems to think so.

She shouted crap like, “Yea, I voted for Trump!” and accused the store employees (who are Black) of discriminating against her, as well as calling them “animals.” She also accused the 2-year-old child of the woman filming this whole thing of stealing and said her husband is cheating on her.

Holy fuck, this woman is nuts.

The good part of this whole thing? The store manager, who took this whole rant like the boss that she is, will be the recipient of a fat sum of cash, thanks to Jessie Grady. Grady is the woman filming this whole thing, and the woman who can be heard on the video in disbelief at what she’s seeing.

And Grady set up an awesome GoFundMe for the store manager. Go throw in some cash. I just did.

Featured image – screengrab from YouTube video

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