Conservative Mom Loses Her Sh*t When Son Sees A Boy In Makeup

Just recently, CoverGirl hired their first “CoverBoy.” James Charles, who is 17, loves wearing and playing with makeup.

Personally, I think this is amazing. However, one mother wrote a piece about him on the “Homeschool Conservative.” She described a “moral dilemma” because her son saw Charles’ makeup.

Moral dilemma? Really? Omg! It’s makeup…

She wrote:

“Do I lie to my son? Or do I tell my 6-year-old my full opinion? I thought about lying and saying, ‘That’s how his eyes really look.’ Or, do I tell the truth and have a deeper discussion with him? Maybe, ‘That’s the way his mommy and daddy chose to raise him. But, that’s not the way we are choosing to raise you.’

Does a parent end it there? Or continue to say, ‘That is sinful and wrong. He shouldn’t be doing that, and his parents are wrong.’”

She is complaining that she has to watch everything her son does. She can’t let him go to a friend’s house. It’s makeup. There are so many worse things your child could be watching.

She can boycott it and buy a different brand of makeup.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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