Bye Felicia! Tenn. Dept. Of Corrections Deputy Director RESIGNS After Racist Facebook Posts

So we have this asshole in Tennessee. As reported by

“A deputy director of Shelby County Corrections Center resigned after posting offensive messages to his personal Facebook page.


One post called the president “Obummer” and the first lady, “Mooshell.” Barber wrote that he hoped they are killed in an Arabic country. The other post compared the Ku Klux Klan to the president, saying the white supremacist group was more American than Obama.”

Nice, dude. You’re sure making real strides proving that Republicans aren’t a bunch of f*cking racists. How many more of these do we have to see?

Via Facebook/WMAC News viewer
Via Facebook/WMAC Action News 5 viewer

Oh, and he also posted this little gem:

Via Facebook/The Memphis Flyer
Via Facebook/The Memphis Flyer

See ya, f*ckface.

Watch the local news report here.


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