Because Speaking In Tongues Is A Totally-Not-Crazy Way To Be All Woohoo Trump

Pastor John Kilpatrick had a very interesting way to celebrate Trump’s victory in a totally-not-really-almost-kind-of illegal way.

You see, what preachers ARE allowed to do is advocate for causes. What they are NOT allowed to do is advocate for or preach against any one person.

So when Kilpatrick started yelling and shrieking about America being saved while sounding like Braveheart having a goddamn stroke, one could say that falls into a bit of a gray area.

Freedom! Freedom again! Freedom! Freedom to lift your voice. Freedom to praise the Lord. Wooooo!… Ha ra la la stoya ra ra!!!

Or something like that.

Then later we get this little nutty nugget:

Thank you for saving our nation! Thank you, Lord, for bringing Jezebel down!

So now Hillary Clinton = Jezebel. The new “code.”

And also, funnily enough, the part that falls into that little gray area I mentioned.

Honestly? I just can’t believe people fall for this shit.

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