Attention America: Our Next National Security Advisor Is A Raving Lunatic

The most important decision President-elect “Tiny Hands” Trump will ever make is in choosing who will be his National Security Advisor. And as you’d expect, he managed to royally fuck that up.

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, America’s next National Security Advisor, is such a nutjob that even right wingers who normally salivate at the thought of combat and regime change take one look at him and exclaim, Holy shit, this guy is unhinged!

Here’s some of the bizarro word salad you can find on General Flynn’s Twitter account:

How deeply screwed are we under Trump and Flynn? These two bozos are gonna get to decide when nuclear weapons are used.

If you’ll pardon me, I feel a sudden need to stock up on non-perishable items and buy a Geiger counter.

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