As*hat Texas Judge Takes Look At Mugshot And Declares ‘Time For A Tree And A Rope’

Attention to all moronic public officials, especially those who reside in the state of Texas: When you post something on social media, the entire freaking world can see it! And even if you delete it, anyone can take a screenshot of your posting!

Such is the case with Burnet County, Texas, judge James Oakley, who saw a mugshot of accused cop-killer Otis Tyrone McKane, who was arrested on Monday in San Antonio and has been charged with the shooting death of police Det. Benjamin Marconi. Oakley fired up his computer and sent out this bit of hate:


Know what else it’s time for, Judge Oakley? It’s time for you to resign and never show your ugly face in public ever again. You are a disgrace to the criminal justice system and should never be allowed to pass judgment on another human being as long as you live.


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