Angry Dillhole Attorney Says Bill And Hillary Clinton ‘Need To Be Dead And Buried’

If you’ve never heard of Larry Klayman, don’t feel bad. He’s the kind of lowlife scum who looks for lawsuits to file in cases he knows he can never win. He’s just barely a step above an ambulance chaser.

Now Klayman is weighing in on the matter of the possible vote recounts in states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Klayman says he and his group, Freedom Watch, will also be involved in the recounts:

“We just want a fair result, we’re not favoring anybody. But these people (the Clintons) are criminals, they’re crooks.”

Then Klayman reached into his pocket of evil and added:

“We need to finish the Clintons off, legally. They need to be dead and buried, legally, because they’re going to come back like the Wicked Witch. A house needs to be dropped on her right now.”

How sweet it would be if the recounts showed Hillary won! Then all of Klayman’s worst fears could be realized. I for one would be laughing my ass off.

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