AZ Man Gives Up His Guns After Las Vegas Shooting, Online Gun Nuts Threaten To Gang Rape His Wife (VIDEO)

A man in Pheonix, Arizona made the selfless decision to give up his gun collection following Sunday’s Las Vegas shooting that has so far claimed the lives of 59 people, wounding 498, making it the deadliest shooting in U.S. History (so far).

Jonathan Pring shared his experience online, showing photos of himself turning over his firearms to a Pheonix, police officer.

Pring told a local TV station that the mass shooting made he re-examine what was really important in his life.

“I will miss my guns,” Pring wrote in the post. “I enjoyed taking them to the range and doing Rambo poses in front of the mirror. I paid a lot of money for them. However, if I was to write down the 10 most important things in my life the guns wouldn’t make the list.”

He also encouraged other gun owners to consider doing the same telling KSAZ-TV that “the easiest way to stop mass shootings from happening in America is to take guns away from civilians.”

“We can do something about the guns, we can just get rid of them — it’s that easy,” said Pring.

But after his post went viral, Pring started receiving numerous threats, describing the experience as “quite scary.”

Pring was eventually forced to delete his post. However, that didn’t stop gun cultists from continuing their online jihad against their newfound fixation.

“HES UNARMED AND WANTS YOU TO SHOW HIS WIFE A GOOD TIME WHILE HE WATCHES!!!!” wrote one Facebook user, in a post still online Friday morning.

Other users accused Pring of being a fake, buying the weapons that morning to launch a publicity stunt. Others offered him one-way tickets to Chicago where they believed he’d be killed by gun violence.

Only in Merica’ folks.

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Source Credit: Raw Story

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