Scumbag ‘Christian’ Osteen Passes Collection Plate To Victims Of Hurricane Harvey ‘Cause God Insisted

Joel Osteen may have just vaulted his way into the running for Douchebag of the Year in 2017 with his latest stunt.

Remember earlier this week when Osteen had to be shamed into opening the doors of his gigantic 16,000 seat megachurch? He later said he hadn’t offered his sanctuary for victims of Hurricane Harvey because no one had asked him to. Guess he was too busy counting his riches at home in his $15 million mansion to notice that Houston had just been transformed into a literal version of the Great Flood from the Bible.

Eventually, Osteen relented when pressure on social media became too much for him to ignore. And on Wednesday he even had a church service filled with music and prayers for those who had lost everything they own in the flood waters which were still rising.

However, at the end of that church service, members of the worship team passed around collection plates and asked everyone to kick in a few bucks to help out poor ol’ Joel and his filthy rich family put even more loot into their greedy hands. Here’s a video showing exactly that:

So apparently Osteen has no problem letting hurricane victims use his facility as long as they’re willing to pony up and help pay for everything they’re receiving. It would have been more honest to just make an announcement that the church was being reclassified as a temporary hotel and bill everyone in the place, assuring them Brother Joel takes both debit and credit cards, so dig deep, you unfortunate souls!

In case Joel Osteen didn’t know it, greed is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. And considering how he’s been acting lately, something tells me he’s gonna bust hell wide open one day.

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