White House Bobblehead Kellyanne Conway Says Trump’s Greatest Quality Is His ‘Humility’

Even for a person as factually-challenged as White House adviser (and part-time shrunken head model) Kellyanne Conway, there are some things that come out of this current administration which immediately make your bullshit alarm go off like a civil defense siren.

Conway appeared on fellow hypocrite Pat Robertson’s show The 700 Club Tuesday, and was asked by the perpetually phony host ““what characteristic stands out in your mind” about President Trump. To that, Conway reached deep into her magical bag of bullshit and pulled out this gem, replying:

“It’s one that most of the media never associate with him, and I would say it’s humility.”

“Alternative Facts” Conway then added:

“With the gravity and responsibility of being president of the United States and commander-in-chief of our armed forces. I would say that with that gravity and responsibility has come a great deal of humility.”

Oh yeah, when I think of people running over with humility, Donald Trump immediately pops into my head. That would be akin to saying that Chris Christie is a model of health and fitness.

While she was at it, Cryptkeeper Conway took some shots at anyone who dares to say bad things about Führer Trump:

“The naysayers and the critics who seem to be working overtime these days.”

Donald Trump may be a lot of things–an asshole, a bully, a douchebag, a pig, and a racist–but he has never been and never will be humble. That’s probably because narcissists aren’t capable of humility.

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