Trump Campaign Retread Katrina Pierson Assures Us All That ‘Collusion Isn’t A Crime’

Though it’s been several months since we last saw former Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson on television, she’s back with a vengeance, and she’s doing what she does best: Spouting bullshit far and wide.

Pierson was a guest on Fox News Sunday, and she tried with every fiber of her being to convince the masses that President Trump hasn’t done anything wrong regarding Russia:

“This has nothing to do with Russia. They’re just now looking for something.”

Sorry, Katrina, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with Russia or all 17 American intelligence agencies wouldn’t have said that Russia tried every trick in the book to make sure Donnie Dildo was elected president.

What Pierson said about it not being about Russia is even stranger when you hear what she said next:

“There has been no evidence found. Even Democrats are saying we have no evidence. Collusion is not a crime. So what exactly are we looking for here?”

Wait a damn minute! There’s no evidence but collusion isn’t a crime? Sorry, Katrina, but my Bullshit Meter just exploded when confronted with that nonsense. How do you go from no evidence to collusion isn’t a crime and manage to keep a straight face? Does that require a lobotomy, or just several months of intense electrical shock directly to the brain?

The narrative coming from Trump defenders keeps changing. It’s gone from there was no contact with Russia to admitting there was contact, but only minimal. Then it morphed into the bogus excuse that Trump is new to politics and cannot be blamed for making mistakes. And now they want us to open wide and swallow a shit burger laced with clear evidence of wrongdoing under the guise that even if Trump and his associates did do some underhanded things, it wasn’t illegal.

How desperate is the Trump administration to find people who will tell their lies? So desperate that they dug up the fossilized remains of Katrina Pierson and put her in front of the camera to shill for them.

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