Scott’s Baio’s Deplorable Wife Just Told A Sandy Hook Mom Her Kid Is Better Off Dead

Earlier this week, washed-up actor and ardent Trump supporter Scott Baio got into social media hot water when he suggested on Twitter that the Sandy Hook massacre–which took the lives of 20 young children–might have been a “false flag,” i.e. a staged event used by the government for an ulterior motive such as gun control.

But now Baio’s wife, Renee, has made the situation worse with a tweet of her own, this one suggesting that one of the Sandy Hook victims might be better off dead.

Renee Baio fired off this to Nelba Marquez-Greene, who has been highly critical of Scott Baio:

Not long after she tweeted that out and a wave of criticism began, Mrs. Baio deleted the post and locked her Twitter account, making it private. Here’s some of what she saw before she went into hiding:

Here’s what I have to say to both Scott and Renee Baio: You two are the lowest form of life on the planet. You’re lower than whale shit and whatever single-celled organisms reside at the bottom of a pit filled with human excrement. Both of you deserve a double dose of karma, and something tells me it’s right around the corner.

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