VIRAL VIDEO Shows Racist POS On NY Subway Threatening To ‘F*cking Murder’ Woman With ‘Chinese Eyes’

A man on a Brooklyn subway was caught on video threatening to kill a fellow passenger because he accused her of having “Chinese eyes.”

The man, who has not yet been identified, was staring at the woman, and when she asked him to please stop, he exploded and began yelling:

“Look at your fucking eyes, you’re fucking Chinese. Motherfucker — get the f’ck out of my country before I murder your whole fucking nation!

To that, the woman, who was filming the entire encounter with her cell phone, informed the foul-mouthed racist jerk:

“This is my country, too. I’m not Chinese, I’m white.”

But her protestations only seemed to further enrage the asshole, who then let loose with more hatred:

“You know this is my country, right? You’re in my fucking property. You are my property. I have the right to fucking murder your whole fucking nation.”

Just another day in Donald Trump’s America, where jackasses like the scum in the video–which has gone viral on Facebook–feel it’s their right to abuse anyone that doesn’t look like them.

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