Ken Ham Wants To Take The Words ‘Good’ And ‘Evil’ Out Of The Dictionary

Creationist extraordinaire Ken Ham is at it again. He claimed that atheists have no business using words like “good” and “bad” and “right” and “wrong” because we don’t believe in God.

This goes back to the old and wrong Christian belief that atheists can’t have morals without God or the Bible. He calls on Christians to judge and call out atheists who use these terms.

The idea that atheists can’t have morals is a complete myth. This seems to be a Christian thing, but many religious people feel this way.

There is no logical connection with this argument. Saying that there is no point in being moral without a God is not really a valid argument for Christianity. This is, basically, saying that we can’t be moral without someone watching over us.

Ken Ham is probably best known for opening and running the Ark Encounter “museum.” It is, supposedly, a replica of Noah’s Ark. It has all kinds of Creationist exhibits inside that completely smack down scientific fact. They have things like humans riding dinosaurs, even though humans didn’t come along until millions of years after dinosaurs became extinct.

Recently, he tried to use his Ark Encounter to display a giant middle finger to the LGBT community…by lighting it up with rainbow lights. Yep, he tried to “take back the rainbow” with rainbow lights. Christians have this strange idea that the LGBT community has stolen the rainbow from them. This idiot just needs to go away. Period.

Featured image via Twitter.

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