Bigoted POS Swears Confederate Flag Isn’t Racist, Then Proceeds To Slag MLK

Supporters of all things Confederate–be it Confederate flags, monuments, or statues–love to say that their deep affection for the failed attempt to overthrow the United States government during the Civil War has to do with heritage and history, not racism and hatred.

But an interview with an ignorant Confederate fetishist by a TV station in Charlotte proves once and for all that “history” actually means what we always suspected.

Russell Walker has been fighting to have the Rebel flag returned to his hometown’s courthouse, and he told Yoojin Cho of Spectrum News:

“I don’t believe it’s a symbol of racism, I don’t believe it’s a symbol of slavery. Hey, I go down the street, I see Martin Luther Coon… uh, I shouldn’t have said that… Martin Luther King. I mean, should I rip the signs down or insist they take Martin Luther King Street down or the rest of that stuff?”

Oops! There goes that damn white supremacist Freudian slip! Always seems to rear its head at the most embarrassing times, doesn’t it, Russell?

The good news is that a local judge ruled that Walker’s specious lawsuit against his town was null and void because the ignorant man failed to prove any personal harm had been caused by the removal of his beloved flag.

The even better news, however, is this: Now we know exactly who and what Russell Walker is, and we can all point and laugh at his idiocy.

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