AZ GOPer Makes ‘White Pride’ Post And Then Gets Scared After Backlash

Not long after President Trump made his controversial comments regarding the “United the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Pima County, Arizona County Supervisor Ally Miller went on Facebook and posted an offensive message in which she stated:

“I’m sick and tired of being hit for being white. It is all about making us feel like we need to apologize. I am WHITE — and proud of it! No apologies necessary.”

Miller also appeared on the James T. Harris radio show and defended what she posted on Facebook by saying it was meant to blame:

“The simple-minded identity politics that defines us based on nothing more than the color of our skin. And I was expressing my frustration with the identity politics. And I think the American people are rejecting those politics, and I certainly will not be ashamed for the color of my skin.”

Fair enough, but does Ms. Miller have the courage of her convictions? Apparently not, because when it was time for her to do her duly elected job as a supervisor Monday evening, Miller sent an email which read:

“I am sending this to notify you that I will be unable to cal [sic] in to today’s board meeting: August 21, 2017. Please notify the Chair.”

And sure enough, protesters showed up at that meeting to demand that Miller apologize and resign for her comments. But Miller wasn’t there, no doubt because she’d gotten wind of the backlash waiting for her.

Rather than face the music and offer an apology, Miller has now filed a Freedom of Information Act request for all phone, computer, and social media records from all 7,000 public employees in Pima County.

Yet again we see that the real “snowflakes” are on the right. They can dish it out, but when it comes time for them to answer for their mistakes, they run and hide.

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