Wait Until You See What Someone Threw At Jared Kushner As He Left Capitol Hill!

Monday on Capitol Hill, senior White House adviser Jared Kushner appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He did not, however, appear in an open session and he was not under oath for this casual discussion with the committee.

The reason Kushner didn’t testify under oath is two-fold:

  • He’s a lying weasel who probably would have committed perjury within five minutes.
  • He would have had to assert his Fifth Amendment privilege several hundred times as members of the committee asked him questions.

Rest assured, however, that while Kushner got the kid glove treatment Monday, he won’t when Special Counsel Robert Mueller hauls him in front of a federal grand jury and makes him swear to tell the truth or else.

Since we have no idea what took place behind closed doors in the Senate Intel Committee, it’s what happened as Kushner was leaving Capitol Hill that drew the most attention: A man walked up to Kushner and threw a Russian flag at him, shouting:

“Will you sign my Russian flag? Sign my Russian flag.

Damn! That’s some hardcore shit!

It was also reported that Kushner did not turn around or acknowledge the person who threw the flag–identified at Ryan Clayton–in any way. He continued walking, accompanied by his attorneys and a pair of Capitol Police agents.

And yes, there was indeed reaction on Twitter, and most of it won’t make Kushner’s father-in-law (aka President Trump) the least bit happy:

One can only wonder what Kushner’s reaction will be when he walks into a federal prison for the first time and a guy saunters up to him and tells him he’s gonna be his “special friend.”

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