Vain POTUS Insists That Polish Government Bus In Crowds To Cheer His Arrival

While President Trump loves to pretend that he’s self-assured and brimming with confidence, he’s actually a very insecure and needy man-child who cannot stand it when people don’t adore and applaud him.

We now have further proof of Trump’s fragility and his ego with a report from the Associated Press which says the Polish government “promised the White House a reception of cheering crowds as part of its invitation” and will “bus in groups from the provinces to hear Trump’s speech” in order to make sure this happens when fragile Donnie steps off Air Force One later Wednesday.

You read that right: A crowd of cheering Poles will be brought in so that Trump can be showered with attention and affection from the moment he arrives in their country as the first stop before he travels to the G20 summit.

Here’s the larger problem: No one in the world likes President Trump. Even among the Polish people, only 23 percent view Trump favorably. That’s in marked contrast to the polling President Obama gets in Poland, where 58 percent have a favorable view opinion of the former American head of state.

You may recall that the White House recently delayed indefinitely a scheduled visit by the president to the United Kingdom–our most important ally in the world–because Trump feared he might face massive protests if he showed his ugly mug in the British isles.

Clearly, the United States has a toxic, immature, egotistical man with tiny hands at the helm, and the rest of the world would just as soon he stayed as far away as possible.

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