Trump Declares ‘Patience Is Over’ With North Korea – Time To Increase Sanctions On China (VIDEO)

On June 30, President Donald Trump met with newly elected South Korean president Moon Jae-in. After which, he declared that the:

“Era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed … That patience is over.”

Both Donald Trump and Jae-in have been increasingly hostile toward the hermit nation as Moon stated that South Korea will issue “stern responses” to threats from North Korea.

In addition to the increasingly war-like rhetoric of Donald Trump towards North Korea, we see him increasing sanctions and penalties on China for not keeping North Korea on a short enough leash.

The biggest talking point about North Korea is their ballistic missile program, which seems to be strong and moving forward in spite of opposition from most of the world.

The more North Korea moves forward with their military capabilities the more the United States impose sanctions on China, with a new sanction on the Chinese Bank of Dandong, which does business with North Korea.

The actions seem counter-intuitive, for if we want China to cooperate with us, we cannot blame them for the shortcomings of a nation that is sovereign, not a satellite of China as the world seems to think.

Yes, China does supply many goods to North Korea, but if Kim Jong-Un has made one thing clear, it’s that he doesn’t take orders from anyone, be that China, the United States, or his own relatives.

One cannot expect China to respond in an helpful manner if their political elites are hurting financially because of the United States.

If the United States wants to solve the North Korean crisis, it is going to take a long round of deft negations with a level head.

Both the Trump and the jong-un administrations worry me because they seem to be neither politically savvy, nor level headed.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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