Trump Asked For ‘A Little Hand’ During His Saturday Speech, So Twitter Obliged Him (TWEETS)

Saturday in Norfolk, Virginia, President Trump was trying his best to come off as a solid, reliable Commander-in-Chief as he spoke at the commissioning of the latest American aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford. And he started out good, saying that enemies of the United States would look at the new, $12.9 billion warship and “shake with fear.”

Later in the speech, as he was talking about himself (his favorite topic in the world), Trump paused for applause and then added:

“I don’t mind getting a little hand.”

Oh, shit, Donnie! You walked right into that one, dude!

Yes, our incredibly insecure and self-obsessed pretend POTUS gets quite agitated when people tell him he has small hands, even though he clearly does. He looked like he was ready to kill Marco Rubio at a debate when the Florida senator mentioned that the Donald had baby hands.

But on Saturday, Trump couldn’t blame anyone but himself for what transpired on social media after he let fly with the “little hand” comment:

Sorry, Mr. Trump, but about all you can do now is tip your hat and give those tweets a big hand. On second thought, just skip that second part.

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