Right-Wing Lunatic Alex Jones Now Calling For ‘Civil War’ Against All Liberals

InfoWars host Alex Jones is mentally unhinged. If you’ve ever seen or heard one of his right-wing rants, then you know he’s a few cans short of a six-pack.

Lately, however, Jones has been sounding more ominous than usual, warning his audience that there’s a “civil war” about to take place in the United States between conservatives and liberals. Most of this can probably be attributed to fears among conservatives that their lord and savior, Donald Trump, may indeed be guilty of treason. Not that they care if he betrayed his own country to our Russian enemies, but because such a charge, if proven, would be the end of the Trump administration and its agenda of hatred and discrimination.

Here’s a sampling of some of the bile that has been emanating from Jones’s fat face in recent weeks:

  • On June 23, Jones accused “the left” of starting a civil war and offered to personally execute convicted traitors because: “I’m not going to sit here and just call for stuff without actually being part of it. I don’t need some coming-of-age deal to kill a bunch of liberals,” but “we have to start getting ready for insurrection and civil war because they’re really pushing it.”
  • A week earlier, on June 15, Jones let loose by saying, “You kick off Civil War 2, baby, you’ll think Lexington and Concord was a cakewalk.”

Jones has also been howling for the blood of former FBI Director James Comey and Hillary Clinton, saying both should be arrested (without charges!) and held indefinitely as threats to national security. He added:

“I mean, let’s be honest. We’re in a war. I would support the president making a military move on them right now.”

What Jones and the brainless, tinfoil-hat wearing minions who listen to him forget is that not just conservatives know how to defend themselves. If they think liberals and progressives will just sit by as they try to touch off a war based on their own paranoia and conspiracy theories, then they’re forgetting that the Second Amendment they love to blindly champion applies to all of us.

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