Pervy Lewandowski Talks About How ‘Beautiful’ Melania Is To Avoid Commenting On Russia

Tuesday night, we found at that while he was at the G-20 summit last week in Germany, President Trump had a second, unannounced meeting with Russian president/thug Vladimir Putin.

As you would expect, the White House tried desperately to downplay the revelation about this second meeting, with Trump even taking to his usual outlet for whining and moaning, Twitter:

As with virtually everything the president says, that entire tweet is one gigantic lie, especially the part about the press knowing.

So when former Trump campaign manager and surrogate Corey Lewandowski appeared on Fox News to have a chat with the dolts who host Fox & Friends, he was asked about the second meeting with Putin. Instead of responding, he commented:

“Our best representative who is stunningly beautiful and incredibly intelligent sat next to Vladimir Putin at the request of the German chancellor. She had a conversation with Vladimir Putin. He was her dinner partner for a few hours. Big deal.”

Melania Trump is beautiful and intelligent? I suppose if you like women who’ve had massive plastic surgery on their faces and are not exactly fluent in English.

But Lewandowski was far from finished gushing over the First Lady, sounding like a high school boy with a crush on the head cheerleader when he remarked:

“And you know what the president did?. Our president, he got up and he walked over and he saw his beautiful wife, the first lady of the United States, and had a conversation with her. How is this anything other than the president of the United States going over and seeing the first lady, who by the way, speaks five languages, is incredibly beautiful and is incredibly intelligent and is a great representative of our country?”

Damn, Corey, could you possibly be a more obsequious, ass-kissing little weasel of a human being? How much is Donnie paying you to appear on TV and go all pervy about his wife instead of answering questions? Whatever it is, you’re creeping a lot of us out.

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