With One Statement, Mike Pence Proved He’s Already Measuring The Drapes In The Oval Office

As the Russia story expands and grows worse on a daily basis, there are reports that the White House is in total uproar, with staffers desperately retaining attorneys in anticipation that the entire matter will likely end up in court and could lead to the indictment of numerous officials in the Trump administration.

Through all of the turmoil, Vice President Mike Pence has largely stayed out of the spotlight, hiring his own high-powered lawyer and trying his best to look and sound presidential, even though he too may have played a role in the collusion with Russia, or at least in attempting to cover up the actions of others by lying on numerous occasions.

On Tuesday, Kasie Hunt of MSNBC reached out to the Veep’s office for a comment and was told this by a spokesperson:

The most telling line in that statement is this one:

“He is not focused on stories about the campaign–especially those pertaining to the time before he joined the campaign.”

I do believe that’s what’s known in Washington as throwing the boss and his grifter family under the bus long-distance style. Pence claims he didn’t know about the meeting Donald Jr. had with a Russian lawyer, and wants us to all know there are plenty of other things (wink wink) he also has no knowledge of, especially if it involves Russia or anything that rhymes with Putin.

Of, course, Pence defended disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn even after it was clear Flynn was up to this eyebrows with both Russia and Turkey, both of whom he accepted large sums of money from. And plenty of social media residents weren’t buying Boy Scout Mike’s bullshit, either:

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! It’s just Mike Pence trying to make us all believe he’s as clean as the fresh snow that fell on his head and never melted. Because a good Christian never lies. Then again, who ever said this hypocritical piece of shit actually is a good Christian? Are we just supposed to take his word for it?

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