Against Hate: 1,000 Counter Protesters Come Out Against KKK Rally

The KKK had a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia over a Confederate Monument being removed. Surprise, surprise, over 1,000 people showed up to protest their protest. The KKK’s chants of “white power” were almost drowned out by the counter-protesters’ shouts of, “Racists, go home!”

The KKK protesters left after about 45 minutes with help from the police. However, the counter-protesters surrounded their vehicles to try and prevent them leaving the scene and harass them. The police said that the counter-protesters were having an unlawful gathering and had to disperse. During the day, over 23 people were arrested.

The city of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia had organized counter-protest events to try and keep people away from the park. I guess they didn’t listen.

The mayor, Mike Signer, said:

“There are … people who did go to the park, and that is their right, but I can tell you that thousands have chosen not to go to the park and instead join the events that have been planned. I am extremely proud of my city. I have said a few times today, this is what democracy looks like.”

“Charlottesville has kind of been put on the map recently. We want to change the narrative by telling the true story of race through public spaces. That has made us a target for groups that hate that change and want to stay in the past, but we will not be intimidated.”

As much as I hate the KKK, they had the First Amendment right to protest the Confederate Monument being taken down. The counter-protesters also had a right to be there; however, they should have stayed civil with the KKK members. Even if you don’t like the KKK, we all have our First Amendment rights to a lawful protest.

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