Donald Trump Asked Twitter A Question–That Was A Gigantic Mistake

In case you missed it, North Korea launched another missile on Monday evening, this one an ICBM that flew for 580 miles and in a trajectory that experts said could allow such a weapon to hit the state of Alaska.

Rather than being measured and reminding the world that the United States was carefully watching the situation and would protect our allies in the region no matter what, President Trump fired off this Twitter salvo, asking a question he probably wishes he had kept under wraps:

Does this guy anything better to do with his life? Really, Donald? Dammit, you walked right into it, so you might as see what others on Twitter had to say about your rhetorical query:

Donald, you’re a freaking pathetic little covfefe moron with barely enough sense to get in out of the rain. If you refuse to do anything but tweet, at least do us the favor of quitting your day job, because you sure as hell aren’t fulfilling the requirements of the office.

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