DC Court Stopped Pruitt From Rolling Back Methane Rules… For Now

District judges from the D.C. Federal Circuit Court achieved a feat worthy of celebration this July: it halted the agenda of our alleged president Donald Trump and Environmental Protection Agency Director, Scott Pruitt, at least for now.

Their original goal? Trash the planet.

Although Trump’s numerous judicial nominees are dangerous in their own right, some of the sitting judges have taken up the challenge of defending our democracy against the Trump administration, which has focused all of its efforts on stopping everything that former President Barack Obama and his administration accomplished.

EPA director Scott Pruitt is not left out in this pursuit, either. The court has thankfully decided to stop Trump and Pruitt by slamming the brakes their effort to initiate theiur environmental protection rollback.

There have been multiple corrupt actions that Trump and his cabinet pulled off to date, but Pruitt seems to have pulled off his own as well.

After lying to the congress that during his confirmation, he hid evidence that showed he was in contact with fossil fuel industry representatives as he served as Oklahoma’s attorney general. He was also involved with the obstructionism against Obama’s EPA.

Now that he is part of the EPA himself he depends on industry hacks rather than scientists to review environmental rules. He has suspended or fired scientists that told him about their findings.

He prefers to deal with industry representatives instead of scientists, and mostly those from his home state who have little to no record of obeying environmental rules and regulations.

Pruitt advised that regulations of methane should be repealed or suspended for two years. But the court stepped in, deciding that Trump and Pruitt could not continue the rollback of Obama’s environmental regulations. Once published and put into effect, regulations cannot wiped away so easily.

There must be an extensive period of public comments, and time for the scientists to study and vet the regulation based on their experience.

At the end of the day, if Trump succeeds and this regulation is repealed, Trump would prove  that the only things he and his administration care about is increasing the corporate profit instead of protecting human lives.

Not to mention, undoing everything Obama did just because he is Black.

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