Texas Defunds Planned Parenthood–Sees Spike In Teen Abortions

The Republicans have been trying to end abortion in this country for decades. Over the past few years, they have gotten on a kick of shutting down Planned Parenthood clinics in order to try and stop abortions from happening.

Well, a study in Texas shows that it is actually causing abortions to go up, especially among teenagers. The abortion rate actually rose 3 percent among teenagers in Texas after they closed 80 family planning clinics across the state.

Dr. Diane Horvath-Cosper, an OB-GYN in Maryland and an advocate with Physicians for Reproductive Health, says:

“This certainly isn’t the way to have fewer abortions. The abortion rates nationally have decreased and are at a historic low. So for Texans to see an increase in adolescent abortions is really telling ― it seemed to have followed the national trend until these clinics were defunded.” 

The greatest rises in abortions occurred in rural areas because the access to family planning care was already limited. So, closing the clinics made things even worse for rural women. For example, in Gregg County, where they lost 60 percent on their family planning funding, the abortion rate rose 191 percent.

In many counties, the abortion rate went down, but that was because women had to drive over 100 miles to obtain an abortion. Republicans want to “defund” Planned Parenthood by not allowing Medicaid recipients to go there for birth control and cancer screenings.

Very few Republicans actually see the flaw in this plan. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), said:

“If you’re serious about trying to reduce the number of abortions, the best way to do that is to make family planning more widely available.”

If only the rest of the Republicans could be this wise.

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