Trump’s Childhood Church In New York Wants Nothing To Do With Him

Donald Trump loves to pretend that he’s a Christian, but that’s all he’s doing: Pretending. Same is true of his Minister of Virtue, Mike Pence, who quotes the Bible but neglects to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ when it comes to helping the poor, the weak, the disabled, or the persecuted. In many ways, it’s a perfect match: The Antichrist and the Hypocrite.

And now it turns out that other Christians are starting to realize that President Trump is not a true Christian, as he proves anytime he opens his mouth, signs an executive order, or proposes a budget that would cut funding for programs which help the most vulnerable–the elderly, children, the disabled, immigrants, women–in our society.

Trump’s own childhood church–First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, Queens, where Trump was raised and confirmed, is now saying they want nothing to do with the head of state.

Philip Malebranche, a parishioner at First Presbyterian, told CNN:

“The policies he’s promoting go against our biblical teaching. Our president should be representing us and not a minority of people.”

Would the president be welcome at his childhood church if he were to pay a visit? To that, Malebranche replied:

“What spirit would the President bring to this congregation on a Sunday morning? I would be very skeptical.”

Trump loves to brag that he was a good friend of Norman Vincent Peale, who wrote the book, The Power of Positive Thinking,” but Peale’s son, John, said he “cringes” whenever the president invokes the name of his dad, adding:

“I don’t respect Mr. Trump very much. I don’t take him very seriously. I regret the publicity of the connection. This is a problem for the Peale family.”

So while Donald Trump may have done well at the polls among people of the Christian faith, to call him a Christian is to prove that you understand as much about the Bible as he does, which is next to nothing.

Can I get an amen?

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